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Twelfth Annual Dighton Arts Festival - Spaces Sold Out

Spaces are sold out for the 2016 Dighton Arts Festival.Exhibitor

A list of the 2016 Dighton Arts Festival Exhibitors is provided on the Festival page of this site.

The Twelfth Annual Dighton Arts Festival will be held on Sunday, November 6th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Araujo Farms and Greenhouses, 1522 Williams Street, Dighton. The festival is sponsored by the Dighton Lions Club. The six greenhouses at Araujo Farms will be filled with arts, crafts, music, food, and activities for this fun-filled community event.
Please return to this page and visit the Dighton Lions Club Facebook page for festival news and updates.

The mission of the Dighton Arts Festival is to provide a place where local and regional artists and crafters can display and sell their work in a family-oriented environment that encourages artists and crafters of all ages and promotes interest in the arts in our community.

The Dighton Lions Club sponsored festival is held annually on the 1st Sunday in November at Araujo Farms and Greenhouses in Dighton, Massachusetts.


Community Organizations at 2011 Dighton Arts Festival

The following community organizations will be at the 2011 Dighton Arts Festival.

Berkley Historical Society

Bristol County Agricultural High School

Dighton Historical Society

Dighton Parent Teacher Organization

Dighton Tri-Centennial Committee

Dighton Public Library

Taunton Women's Club

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Music | Eighth Annual Dighton Arts Festival

The Dighton Lions Club is pleased to announce its 2012 Dighton Arts Festival music schedule. The schedule will feature many talented young people from the area in keeping with the Dighton Lions Club commitment to encouraging an appreciation for the arts among local youth. The festival program (available at the festival) will include the schedule of performances.

Outside on the Lawn

10:30 Dighton-Rehoboth Marching Band
11:20 Star Spangled Banner- colors presented by Sea Cadets Honor Guard
11:30 Dighton Elementary School Chorus

Inside on the Stage in Greenhouse #5

12:00 Dighton Middle School Flute Ensemble
12:15 Alyssa Rego
12:30 Drumline
12:45 Rebekah Philip
1:00 Warren Pettey
1:15 Julie Araujo
1:30 The Foss Family
2:00 The Strangers

Musical Program ends at 4pm.

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Sixth Annual Dighton Arts Festival | November 7, 2010

The Sixth Annual Dighton Arts Festival will be held on Sunday, November 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Araujo Farms and Greenhouses, 1522 Williams Street, Dighton. The festival is sponsored by the Dighton Lions Club.

Fine artists and artisans will exhibit, demonstrate their art, and offer their work for sale. Paintings, sculpture, textiles, jewelry, wood carvings, photography, and mosaics are among the many offerings expected at this year’s event.

Several musical artists from the area will perform contemporary and traditional folk music throughout the day. The Music Committee has another great lineup of entertainment planned this year including performances by many favorites from past years: The Strangers, Matt Borrello, Sarah Borrello, Michelle Tetreault, Rebekah Philip, Julie Araujo, the Dighton Middle School Flute Ensemble, and the Dighton Elementary School Folk Dance Ensemble,. The festival opening ceremony will take place in the morning after the Folk Dance Ensemble with the Star Spangled Banner performed by Rebekah Philip accompanied by the U.S. Navy Sea Cadets Honor Guard.

Bob Mullen, co-leader of the festival for the Dighton Lions Club, said “We are delighted, in our sixth year, to have more exhibitors than ever and an exciting music program with well-known performers. We believe this festival is special because it promotes an appreciation for the arts in the community and spotlights local artists. Children are an important part of our community so we have included activities that help to build an appreciation for the arts among children. And, as always, we are grateful to the Araujo family for opening their greenhouses and for their continuing support of the arts. We couldn’t do this without them.”

Children’s art will be featured in the Emerging Artists Gallery where festival visitors can view artwork submitted by local school children. Sarah and Hannah Manuels will return again this year at the face-painting booth.

Special exhibits this year include the New England Antique Truck and Tractor Association, the Bristol County Agricultural High School “Woodlands Exhibit”, a Dighton Public Library exhibit of 100 year old documents associated with the construction of the Andrew Carnegie-funded library building, and MillTown Memories: Images of North Dighton c1918 – a collection of Mount Hope Finishing Company photographs recently printed from the original dry plate glass negatives.

Wine tasting with Vault Liquors of Taunton will be a returning festival feature this year from 12:30 to 3:30 with fiddle music provided by Kara Fortier, a perennial Dighton Arts Festival favorite.

The Exhibitor Registration Form and Information for Exhibitors can be downloaded below or requested by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Registration forms are also available at Araujo Farms and Greenhouses.

Download and print the Registration Form

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Painting Tips: Arranging the colors on your palette

Arrange the colors on your palette: This is a personal matter. The important
thing is to arrange the colors in a way that makes sense to you (and stick to that arrangement.) Then you will at least know where your color is. One useful method is to arrange the paints across the top of the palette, going from left to right and from warm to cool. You move from red, to yellow, to green and finally to blue. You can put white on the left.

Confused about warm and cool colors???? There are three warm colors: Yellow, Orange and Red, and three cool colors: Violet, Blue and Green.

The warm color can be cooled by adding a touch of a cool color, and the cool colors are warmed by a small addition of a warm color. The result is a warmed cool color and a cool warm color. (Easy, huh!)

Here's how this works! Since a painting of a subject and its surroundings actually record a lighting on that composition, all the colors have to be consistently influenced by that colored light. Therefore, if you were to shine a red colored spotlight on your subject matter, a little red color would have to be included in all the color mixtures of the entire composition.

Relating this to your painting, it would seem that you must train your eye to recognize the subtle difference of warm and cool versions of color.

Look at your color wheel (if you don't have one then go buy one right away because they are so valuable in understanding color temperature.) Each of the colors can vary in hue because it tends toward the color next to it on the color wheel. When a yellow tends toward cool green and is a greenish yellow, it is a cooler version of yellow than a yellow that tends toward orange.

As a former student of Helen Van Wyk, this was drummed into me and has followed me through many years of oil paintings and watercolors.

[Submitted by Joan Roster]

Posted On: Sun, 03/25/2007 - 8:51am by Joan Roster
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Painting Tips: Summer Scene in Green

I have been painting in oils for over thirty years, have shown my work in many galleries in Mass. and RI., thought I would like to make a suggestion to the artists that feel insecure about painting a summer scene with a lot of green. Yes, it can be difficult but by using a warm under-painting, like red or orange, you can keep the green warm because the under-painting will keep coming through.

For those that don't know how, try using a combination of red and a touch of white painted very thinly with turpentine or try orange and white using the same method. This combination has a wonderful way of coming through and keeping the green warm.

Remember that to keep this a successful scene to add something red (such as a bush with red berries, flowers, a boat) anyway, you get the message. Keep it fun because painting is a wonderful therapy and you can never feel bored or lack for something to do.

Have fun, experiment and most of all don't be afraid to try it. If you don't like what you have done you can always wipe it down or paint over it.

[Submitted by Joan Roster]

Posted On: Sun, 03/25/2007 - 8:39am by Joan Roster
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