Dighton Arts Festival

Fouteenth Annual Dighton Arts Festival - Registration Open

Applications are being accepted for the Fourteenth Annual Dighton Arts Festival. Please see the post below for the application form.

The Fourteenth Annual Dighton Arts Festival will be held on Sunday, November 4th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (please note time change) at Araujo Farms and Greenhouses, 1522 Williams Street, Dighton. The festival is sponsored by the Dighton Lions Club. The six greenhouses at Araujo Farms will be filled with arts, crafts, music, food, and activities for this fun-filled community event.

The mission of the Dighton Arts Festival is to provide a place where local and regional artists and crafters can display and sell their work in a family-oriented environment that encourages artists and crafters of all ages and promotes interest in the arts in our community.

The Dighton Lions Club sponsored festival is held annually on the 1st Sunday in November at Araujo Farms and Greenhouses in Dighton, Massachusetts.

Exhibitors | Seventh Annual Dighton Arts Festival - 2011

2012 List of Exhibitors Coming Soon!

Here is a list of exhibitors at the 2011 Dighton Arts Festival

Almeida, Matthew | MJA Designs | Nashua
Hand-bound leather journals, sculpted leather masquerade masks, and other leatehr accessories

Anuszczyk, Donna | New England Nature | Dighton
Local nature photography, greeting cards, Blessing Boxes, photo poetry plaques

Bilodeau, Dennis | Bilodeau's Furniture | North Dighton

Birmingham, Gail | Katama Jewels | Somerset
Handmade modern jewelry inspired by the sea; necklaces, bracelets, earrings for everyday occasions and weddings

Brynildsen, Ken

Cabral, Joseph | J&M Photos | Fall River
Matted photos of still life and nature from different parts of the country

Cifala, Betty | Jewelry by B | North Dighton
Custom one-of-a-kind sterling silver and semi-precious stones

Conti-Stebenne, Rosalie | Odd + Ends | Taunton

Costa, Laura | Designs by Laura | Fall River
Handmade jewelry, keyring charms, and beaded snowflake ornaments

DeSilva, M Diane | D'Teals Designs | Berkley
Custom painted glassware, hand-knitted apparel, silk ribbon pins

Doyle, Sue | Forever Yours | Somerset
One of a kind beaded jewelry; sterling and fine silver

Eaton, Jill | Designs by Jill | North Dighton
Jewelry, pocket books and crafts

Elizardo, Liz | EB Designs | North Dighton
Handcrafted jewelry - sterling silver, swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones; hand-painted wooden signs; crocheted scarfs and hats

Enos, Kimberly | KTD Design | North Dighton
Casual to dressy natural genstone and pearl jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings) made by using wire-wrapping and leather

Epstein, Lindsey | Lindsey Epstein Pottery | Dighton
Functional pottery, ceramic animal sculptures

Fazio, Rhonda | Dyer Maker | Dighton
Natural dyed silk wraps, thread, ink & pen sets.

Fernandes, Penny | Jewels and Gems by Penny | Raynham
Handmade jewelry using glass beads, natural stones, and semi-precious stones

Field, Susan | The Field Collection | Berkley
Sterling silver chainmaille necklaces, bracelets and earrings

Fletcher, Lisa | Lacharmour | North Dighton
Felted animals, polymer clay creatures, knitted fingerless gloves

Furtado, Dawn | The Beekeeper’s Daughter | East Taunton
Pure local honey

Kearns, Nancy | Haydens Boutique | North Attleboro
Children's clothes and accessories; hats, headbands, etc.

Klein, Linda | Berkley
Fall centerpieces and wreaths; Christmas centerpieces and wreaths

Lafleur, Sally | Leap of Faith | Westport
Sterling and beaded jewelry; beaded ornaments

Lavasseur, Brenda | North Dartmouth
Handmade soap, shaving soap, salves, balms, lip & cuticle, dog shampoo, salt & sugar scrubs

LeBlanc, Gwen | Veruka Dolls | Taunton
Hand-sewn dolls made from vintage and reclaimed fabrics - embellished with vintage trinkets

Lemieux, Carolyn | Jenny Lyn’s Jewelry | Dighton
Handmade sterling silver and gold-plated jewelry

Letourneau, Julie | JL Ribbon Gear | Riverside
Handmade ribbon accesssories, hair bows, key fobs, lamp shades, etc.

Lowther, Anna | Still Life in Oils | Sandwich
Woodburnings on drifftwood and photography

MacDonald, Glorimar | Little Folks Theater | Dighton
Community theater

Macomber, Ben | Attleboro
Traditional watercolor paintings; landscapes, seascapes, florals, etc.

McGuirk, Doreen | Tatum Lee | North Dighton
Jewelry - bracelets created from rocks, minerals, shells, and crystals

McKeon, Collette | Dighton Tri-Centennial Committee | Dighton
2012 historical calendars, tri-centennial ornaments, tri-centennial t-shirts

Medeiros, Al & Trish | Classic Creations | South Dartmouth
Handcrafted and handpainted earrings & pins; magnet frames and bookmarks

Morgado, Rosa | Taunton
Jewelry, scarfs, flowers, arrangements, etc.

Mullen, Peg | Peg's Place | Dighton
Cloth Books, quilt items, bags/totes and more

Mullen, Cynthia | Somerset
Hand knitted children's sweaters and puppet mittens

Mullin, Kyla | KM Designs | Swansea
Handmade beaded jewelry

Nolan, Yvonne | Swansea
Watercolor painting; hair feathers by Haircuttery of Somerset

O'Connor, Ron and Joe Coehlo | Mill Town Memories | North Dighton
Early 20th century photographs of Mount Hope Finishing Company/North Dighton from glass plate negatives

O'Connor, Ron | 20/20 Vision: Cameras abd Film | North Dighton
Exhibit of photographs taken with twenty film cameras and twenty brands/kinds of film

Orsini, Marianne | Kreeters.com | Assonet
Kreeter mechandise: shirts, greeting cards, jewelry, and nick-nacks; also non-Kreeter jewelry (handmade, sterling silver)

Pacheco, Melissa | Fall River
Hand-made one of a kind jewelry

Paradis, Debi | Deb's Designs | Rehoboth
Fleece hats, fleece quilits

Pearson, Robert | Chairs by Bob | Taunton
Chairs with new cane and finish

Prescott, Frank | Annie's Artifax | Somerset
Jewelry and gift items made of polymer clay

Schmidt, Robin | Dragonfly Handmade Soap | Acushnet
Handmade soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs and gift baskets containing these items

Shafer, Roberta | Dough-Belles | Taunton
Personalized Salt-dough ornaments - family, individual, sport, pet, and baby ornaments

Sousa, Jean | MJ Design Ventures | North Attleboro
Children's board book author

Venturini, Denise | Shack in the Back Antiques | Dighton
Early Christmas ornaments, vintage pottery, books, boxes, pictures, flax wheel, celluloid rattles, quilts, depression glass

White, Shirley | Taunton
Outdoor flags: decorative, seasonal; sport, and custom various sizes,

Wilusz, Mary | Claus Creations | Dighton
Hand-painted Old World Santas

Woodcock, Denise | Woodcockmade.com | North Dighton
Soap. shampoo, lip gloss, balm, body spray, lotion

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Exhibitors | Sixth Annual Dighton Arts Festival

Exhibit spaces are sold out!

The Dighton Lions Club is pleased to welcome the following exhibitors to the Sixth Annual Dighton Arts Festival.

Andrew, Jean | Jean Andrew Fine Art | Warwick
Antique hand-made jewelry pieces and soap dishes; hand-made felted and decorated Christmas stockings; hand-made hats, gloves, and scarves

Anger, Brigitte | Somerset
Hand-decorated egg ornaments

Bilodeau, Dennis | Bilodeau's Furniture | North Dighton

Birmingham, Gail | Katama Jewels | Somerset
Handcrafted jewelry; semi-precious stones, minerals, gems, metals inspired by the ocean and nature; sea shell wreaths

Brynildsen, Ken | Inklings | Sandwich
Graphics: kids' names in original cartoon form and original photography

Burak, Chet | Chet Burak Studios | North Dighton
Photographs, framed and unframed

Cabral, Joseph | J&M Photos | Fall River
Local and nature photography

Carreiro, Kaitlyn | Somerset
Hand-made snowmen, Santas, Christmas tree skirts

Cash, Mikala | Mikala Cash Designs | North Attleboro
Limited edition handbags, diaper bags, totes and laptop bags using heavyweight fabrics

Conti-Stebenne, Rosalie | Odds & Ends Photography | Taunton
Nature photography

Correia, Veronica | VMC Photography | Fall River
Hand made photo cards

Costa, Laura | Designs by Laura | Fall River

DeSilva, M Diane | D'Teals Painted Glassware | Berkley
Hand-painted wine glasses; vintage pins; hand-knitted hats and gloves; scarf with silk ribbon

Doyle, Sue | Forever Yours | Somerset
Jewelry: pendants, earrings, bracelets, one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry

Edminster, Martha Ann | East Freetown
Jewelry with a nautical theme

Elizardo, Elizabeth | EB Designs | North Dighton
Jewelry, hats, scarves, Christmas ornaments

Epstein, Lindsey | Lindsey Epstein Pottery | Dighton
Functional pottery; raku horse sculptures

Fagnaut, Mimi Huster | The Lilac Wind Lampwork Art Glass | North Kingstown
Lampwork beads; glass rods

Fazio, Rhonda | Dyer Maker | Dighton
Handcrafted natural pigments on silk

Fielding, Robin | Lakeville
Photographs (blank note cards and matted); hand needle felted wood figures; hardwood puzzles; wood carvings; hand-turned wooden pens

Furtado, Dawn | The Beekeeper’s Daughter | East Taunton
Several size jars of local honey, honey gift baskets, a sampling of the honey for guests

Graves, Myron | Kreeters.com | Assonet
Silver jewelery (all hand-crafted); Kreeter greeting cards and shirts

Horton, Paula | Pawtucket
Hand-painted welcome slates, glassware, clay pots, lighted bottles

Ide, Donna | HomeTowne Prints | Rehoboth
Prints and note cards of cities/towns of Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Klein, Linda | Berkley
Fall and Christmas wreaths, trees, and centerpieces

Kratsa-Hoak, Cherise | Art Glass Impressions | Berkley
Fused art glass designs and pique assiette

Lafleur, Sally | Leap of Faith | Westport
Sterling & beaded jewelry; beaded ornaments

Lavasseur, Brenda | North Dartmouth
Hand-made soap, men's and women's shaving mugs, lip balm, cold & flu formula - herbal various teas

Leal, Bob | Raynham
Oil and acrylic contemporary paintings on canvas and masonite

LeBlanc, Gwen | Veruka Dolls | Dighton
Hand-sewn folk art dolls

Lemieux, Carolyn | Jenny Lyn’s Jewelry | Dighton
Hand-made jewelry

Letourneau, Julie | JL Ribbon Gear | Westport
Hand-made ribbon accesssories, hair bows, key fobs, lamp shades, etc.

Lowther, Anna | Sandwich
Woodburnings on driftwood

McNamara, Beth | Wags | Lakeville
Hand-made pet products

Medeiros, Al and Trish | Classic Creations | South Dartmouth
Handpainted and handcrafted pins, earrings, and magnet photo frames

Medeiros, Christine | Enchanted Gypsy Designs | Dighton
Sculpture: whimsical creatures (dragons, fairies, mermaids and more)

Mullen, Cynthia | Somerset
Hand-knitted children's sweaters

Mullen, Peg | Peg's Place | Dighton
Quilts and dolls

Mullin, Kyla | KM Designs | Swansea
Hand-made beaded jewelry

Nauen, Gail Marie | Gail Marie Nauen/Paintings & Prints | Carver
Paintings and prints of local landscapes, especially cranberry bogs

O'Connor, Ron | North Dighton
MillTowne Memories: Images of North Dighton 1918-1920 (Mount Hope Finishing Company photographs from a collection of glass plate negatives)

Pacheco, Melissa | Crafty Creations | Fall River
Hand-made glass beaded jewelry

Pearson, Robert | Chairs by Bob | Taunton
Chairs with new cane and finish

Pinheiro, Jackie | Pine Tree Glassworks | North Dartmouth
Stained glass items - angels, panels; fused glass dishes, business card holders, pendants, earrings

Prescott, Annie | Annie's Artifax | Somerset
Individual pieces of polymer clay jewelry

Rubano, Kathleen | Massachusetts Society of Genealogists | Somerset
Panel display of family tree, membership information, and “tree of life” design jewelry

Rubinstein, Barry | Barrysboxes.com | Coventry
Hardwood jewelry boxes and other small wooden items

Schmidt, Robin | Dragonfly Handmade Soap | Acushnet
Hand-made soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs (gift items)

Shafer, Roberta | Dough-Belles | Taunton
Personalized salt-dough ornaments

Tower, Casey | Dighton
Photography: mostly landscapes (local and Europe)

Treichler, Melissa | Artworks | Rehoboth
Jewelry; holiday cards and painting samples for pet portraits

Viera, Donna | dba DB Designs | Fall River
Letter photography

Wilusz, Mary | Claus Creations | Dighton
Hand-painted old world Santas made of recycled computer paper and plaster wrap

Woodcock, Denise | Woodcockmade.com | North Dighton
Scented soap, lotion, cement leaves

York, Trish | York Stained Glass | Warwick
Stained glass items: window vases, business card holders,boxes, panels, suncatchers,etc.

Young, Amy Eleanor | Silver Bug Crafts & Jewelry | Taunton
Fun style jewelry for all ages; bottle cap necklaces; sterling silver wrapped earrings

Zimmerman, Shelley | Shellz Beadz | Seekonk
Unique hand-crafted jewelry using many off-loom beading stitches; Swarovski crystal, Cech cyrtsal, freshwater pearls, vintage glass beads, etc.

In addition to the above exhibitors, the festival will include exhibits from the Dighton Public Library (100th anniversary of the Andrew Carnegie-funded library building), New England Antique Truck and Tractor Association, Bristol County Agricultural High School (Woodlands Exhibit), U.S. Navy Sea Cadets, and the Dighton Parent Teacher Organization (Sandy candy children's activity)

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Art, Food, Drink Unite Town

By Kendra Sardinha, Staff writer
GateHouse News Service
Sun Nov 2, 2008, 11:57 PM EST

Taunton Gazette photo by MIKE GAY: Richard Correia, of Taunton, pours a taste of wine Sunday as Melissa Martin, of Berkley, looks on inside the Dighton Arts Festival at Araujo's Garden Center.Taunton Gazette photo by MIKE GAY: Richard Correia, of Taunton, pours a taste of wine Sunday as Melissa Martin, of Berkley, looks on inside the Dighton Arts Festival at Araujo's Garden Center.

Dighton — Art, music, food and wine were provided, all guests had to bring to the Dighton Arts Festival Sunday were their senses and an appreciation for community.

For one day, the staff at Araujo’s Garden Center clear away garden tools and plants so five of their greenhouses can accommodate hand-crafted jewelry, photography, hand-crafted wooden furniture, hand-made glassware, paintings and children’s artwork for the event sponsored by the Dighton Lions Club.

Now in its fourth year, the community event created by Bob Mullen and Carl Stonstrom draws hundreds. Mullen said of the 40 vendors participating this year, 21 are returning from last year.

“We’ve fine-tuned the vendors this year, a bit,” said Mullen. “They’re more high end. And, we’re trying to keep it local.”

He said with hotdogs, hamburgers and other foods all $2 at the most, the event wasn’t about making money, but bringing the community together.

Another unique aspect to this particular festival is the attention given to pieces created by students at the Dighton Nursery School, and Dighton and Reboboth elementary and middle schools. “I can see it, I can feel it,” Stonstrom said. “It’s not about the money, but family, culture and kids.”

Michael Troy and Barry Brown, Sam Ruest and MIke Keshura and Johnny Botelho were some of the names that made up the music selections. Locals favorites also included Mia Boostrom, Matt and Sarah Borrello, Kara and Alex Fortier and Maira Ventura.

Taunton Gazette photo by MIKE GAY: Five-year-old Will Cooke, of North Dighton, enjoys a hot dog Sunday at the Dighton Arts Festival.Taunton Gazette photo by MIKE GAY: Five-year-old Will Cooke, of North Dighton, enjoys a hot dog Sunday at the Dighton Arts Festival.

Outside on the Araujo’s grounds, students from the Dighton Elementary School performed a folk dance demonstration with antique tractors on display next door.
One of the students’ displays was the Dighton Nursey School’s version of a rain forest, named “Spirit of the Rain Forest.”

Teacher Caryle Stonstrom said part of the learning is for the students to create artwork to go with whatever theme they’re learning about. The 8-foot long rainforest creation was created by the 4 and 5-year-olds.

“They learned about the different tiers in a rain forest, the masks worn by different tribes and what types of things live in a rain forest,” Stonstrom said. “It was done as a family, group and individual project.”

Lee Ann Simmons, manager of Araujo’s, wished the event ran for two days. “I love bringing the community together,” she said.

Debbie Simcock and her mother-in-law Theresa came from Swansea to enjoy the day. They come to Araujo’s on a regular basis, but this was their first time attending the art festival.

“I really enjoyed watching the kids square dance out there earlier,” said Debbie. “That is so lost on people now-a-days.”

Reprinted with permission, courtesy of the Taunton Gazette

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Dyeing for the Holidays

Rhonda Fazio of Dighton will be putting on a workshop on textile dyeing.

This workshop is designed to be fun and interesting and will give you a hands on experience into the world of textile design. Each participant will receive three silk scarves using the ancient textile design method of shibori and natural dyes. Design them for yourself or give them as unique and beautiful gifts this holiday season.

The Cummings Building Artist Studios - Dyer Maker Studio 7a
96 William St. New Bedford, Ma. (the corner of William and Purchase)
Same building as No Problemo!

November 29 1-5pm ~ Registration deadline: Sunday November 23
December 13 1-5pm ~ Registration deadline: Sunday December 7

Price: 50.00

How to register:
Make a check payable to Rhonda Fazio
Mail to: 1217 Williams St. Dighton, Ma. 02715
Call me and I will take your word for it - 508-669-6835.

What to wear:
Nothing nice! Dress to dye!

What to bring:
Nothing but a smile and curiosity!

Tea and goodies will be served. Rhonda hopes that you can join her!

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2008 Dighton Arts Festival Exhibitors

We'd like to welcome the following new and returning exhibitors to this year's Dighton Arts Festival. Be sure to stop by each exhibit and see their art!

B & W Art
38 Elm Street
Berkley, MA 02779
Artist's website

George FerrieraI have been working in the powder mediums of charcoal & graphite since 2004. Being a self taught artist, I am constantly experimenting with the application of the charcoal/graphite powder mediums with the tools I use. I have always been drawn to the look and feel of black and white artwork. I consider my works more paintings than drawings. Although traditionally, when you think of charcoal & graphite you don't think painting, but as for my technique, drawing is only a small part of the finished work. Since 2005, my work has been exhibited locally in both juried and non-juried art shows & festivals.

KM Designs by Kyla Mullin is handmade beaded jewelry
All pieces are unique designs crafted with Sterling Silver and Semi Precious Stones. I specialize in Swarovski Crystal & Pearl paired with Bali Silver accents.

Custom designed Mothers Bracelets are created with sterling silver block letters, Swarovski Crystals, and Bali Silver accents to create a unique look.

JL RibbonGear

Artist's website

At JL RibbonGear, you will find all sorts of one-of-a-kind handmade ribbon accessories, from high-end belts, to watches you design yourself, to baby blankets, to hair bows--and everything in between! If you're a girl or woman of any age, you'll be sure to find something you'll love. Visit my website to browse and purchase your favorite ribbon accessories for you or for a loved one as the perfect gift! To contact me, Julie Letourneau, directly, email me at or call 774-991-0423.

Michelle Tripp
Contemporary Knitting

My name is Michelle Tripp and I am addicted to knitting and creating contemporary wearable items for adults and children. I will have mostly shrugs, shawls, capelets, scarves and mitten/hat sets out of bold fun fibers. Also I create fun barrettes out of different hip fabrics.


I have been painting for over 20 years and have been a member of the Society of Decorative Painting having been a certified decorative artist (CDA) since 1995. I have had the wonderful fortune of having two of my Christmas ornaments chosen to hang in the White House. The first time was for the Clinton administration and the second for the Bush administration and was lucky enough to be invited for a reception at the White House. I have taught at the National level for the SDP and continue to teach local classes. I became involved in jewelry making a short time ago and because of my love of color and creating, it soon became a favorite thing to do. I decided to display my jewelry in the Dighton Arts Festival because I had heard so many good things about the festival.

Custom Lawn Art

Interchangeable Custom Lawn Art with unique staking system. All YartWorks creations are made of wood, have a quality paint finish and can be used year after year.

Our catalog has hundreds of pictures to choose from, or you can use a design of your own. Some of our categories are Holidays, Seasons, Popular Characters, and Baby Boomer Characters. YartWorks creations are between 2 and 4 feet tall, and range in price from $12 to $45.

WILD SAGE STUDIOS in Dighton, MA is owned by photographer Lisa A. Paquette. Lisa enjoys photographing children, pets, families, children and their pets, preschools, hobbies in action such as Karate or Dance, yearbook photos, and special events. Wild Sage Studios offers a variety of products and services and works in conjunction with a professional lab for all of your printing needs. Quality work, personal service, flexible schedule and reasonable prices.

Janet Mansfield
Natural Gemstone Designs
Rehoboth, MA
Artist's Website

Janet on the Planet offers gallery quality colorful, custom made necklaces, pendants, earrings, braclets, and men's accessories, hand-crafted and wire wrapped jewelry, made with the finest precious stones including Crystals, Herkimer diamonds, Mexican agate, Russian Charoite, Russian Blue Demaurtorite, Ammonite fossil, Chrysoprase, Amazonite, and many other calming, soothing, meditation, and healing stones.

Artist's Website

Hometown Prints'Come home again' with Hometowne Prints special collection of artwork illustrating cities and towns throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Local artist Donna R. Ide has captured that hometown feeling with her collection of prints illustrating your favorite spots, historic places, and familiar parks and beaches. Whether it is the local eating establishment where steamers abound and lobster a must or the carousel you rode as a child or even the lighthouses that are so familiar to New England, each has its own fond memory in our past, present and future. Ide's media is pencil and color pencil done in montage form.

Bob Pearson
Taunton, MA
508 823 0652

Chairs By Bob offers cane and rush wooden chairs and also chair refinishing.

Ron O'Connor

Ron O'Connor is a Dighton photographer who specializes in outdoor portrait photography of children and families using film and digital cameras. His photograhic style is directed at capturing children and families in a natural environment - particlarly in settings where children can be most expressive of their unique personalities. He prefers black and white images because of their ability to focus the viewer's attention on the subject.

H.G. Designs
Westport, Ma 02790
508 493 6206

Heather Gavriluk is a line of contemporary jewelry consisting of handmade clay pendants and glass beads, wire wrapped creations, hand crafted sterling and gemstone pendants and select beads and findings. All materials are top of the line and always extraordinary- this jeweler is not "just another bead stringer". Each piece is a one of a kind wearable piece of art suitable for the woman who has her own original style and refuses to wear what everyone else is wearing. New this year is a line of knitted sweaters, shrugs, scarves and shawls composed of select highly fashionable yarns and fibers designed for the woman who loves the unique and decadent for herself.
Heather's designs can be found at Courtyards (Tiverton Four Corners), Sticks Stones and Stars (Westport), TSI Jewelry (Fall River), and The Samuell Day Gallery (Barnstable) and at select arts festivals in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Michelle McNamara
Artist's Website'

Michelle McNamaraI have been drawing and painting since I was a young girl. I am a graduate of the New England School of Art and Design and for many years ran my own Interior Design business. I am a traditionalist who specializes in painting scenes of the New England landscape. I've studied under various art instructors and, most recently, for the past fifteen years, continued my growth under the watchful eye of Ron Brake, a well-known and respected New England artist and teacher. Watercolors have been my media of choice since the beginning as I believe they reflect more realistically the wonderful hues and tones of New England. My new business (Blueberry Cottage Primitives) combines my love of primitive arts and crafts with my first and truest love - painting. My web store features many primitive decorative items and some of my paintings. I hope you'll stop by and take a look at what I have to offer!

Handmade Soap

Artist's Website

Brenda Levasseur([email protected]) "My name is Brenda Levasseur and my business name is Handmade Soap..I make a cold process soap that contains olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil and wheat germ oil, cocoa butter and shea butter , we cure it for no less than 5 weeks. They are carefully scented with natural plant essential oils and no synthetic additives. I also make a lip balm that is very moisturizing and have a great shaving soap for men that contains bentonite clay to detox the pores while the oils soften the skin. I started making soap after looking into an alternative to store bought soap...trying to get away from the chemicals..having confronted breast cancer the alternative way with a naturapathic doctor from North Attleboro for the last 2 years meanwhile I changed my life style eating habits to vegan and was analizing what I was putting ON my body as way of preservatives and additives. I was in the right place at the right time, I found my soap teacher and she has taught me alot...I love making soap..it makes your skin feel so good between the castor oil and the skin healing wheat germ oil you will feel the difference."

Images Studio Gallery

72r Main Street
Wareham, MA. 02571
Artist's Website

Claudin Poyant of Images by Claudin is a graduate of Swain School of Design in graphic design and photography. Claudin is a natural light photographer who captures nature's surroundings to his advantage. Having a design background and keen eye for composition, gives him an uncanny ability of transforming an ordinary shot into a work of art.
Claudin's photography is a mix of fine art photography, impressionism, and graphic art.
His images are finished as Glicee prints. He personally prints all of his work, with the exception of his canvas pieces. Customers marvel at his wide range of interest.
His finest works to include framed canvas, framed Glicee prints, and holiday cards will be displayed.

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