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Fouteenth Annual Dighton Arts Festival - Registration Open

Applications are being accepted for the Fourteenth Annual Dighton Arts Festival. Please see the post below for the application form.

The Fourteenth Annual Dighton Arts Festival will be held on Sunday, November 4th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (please note time change) at Araujo Farms and Greenhouses, 1522 Williams Street, Dighton. The festival is sponsored by the Dighton Lions Club. The six greenhouses at Araujo Farms will be filled with arts, crafts, music, food, and activities for this fun-filled community event.

The mission of the Dighton Arts Festival is to provide a place where local and regional artists and crafters can display and sell their dissertation discussion work in a family-oriented environment that encourages artists and crafters of all ages and promotes interest in the arts in our community.

The Dighton Lions Club sponsored festival is held annually on the 1st Sunday in November at Araujo Farms and Greenhouses in Dighton, Massachusetts.

Music at the Twelfth Annual Dighton Arts Festival

Schedule of Performers and Activities

Outside on the Lawn
10:30 Dighton- Rehoboth Marching Band
11:30 Dighton Elementary School Chorus

Inside on the Stage in Greenhouse #5
12:30 Dighton Middle School Flute Ensemble
12:50 Abby Teixeira and Karen Vachon
1:10 Warren Pettey and Thatcher Harrison
1:40 Bella Jacobs, Brooke and Devyn Southerly
2:10 Brenna Kennealy
2:40 Cresendorks
3:10 Bianca Cabral
3: 30 Little Folks Theater

Wine Tasting in Greenhouse # 1

1:30 -4:00 Musical performances with Warren Pettey and Brandon Weddell

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